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Highlights Magazine Cover

Carousel for Kids! Saturday, December 2nd!

Dixon Place presents: CAROUSEL FOR KIDS! Cartoon slide shows and picture performances Hosted by R. Sikoryak & Neil Numberman. Cartoon slide shows drawn and narrated by an array of comic artists, graphic novelists, voice actors, and more. Featuring: Jef Czekaj … Continue reading

Knock Knock!

I illustrated the cover and a bunch of interiors for Highlights’ latest Knock Knock Book! Here are a few:

Penguin Hockey

I loved making this piece for Highlights Magazine, a somewhat unconventional “full color” illo about a very black and white world. Can you find all the black and white cookies? Click on the bottom image, or here, to see it … Continue reading

I am the Highlights Illustrator of the Month!

I am the Highlights Illustrator of the Month, September 2017, for my comic, “The Pepper Caper” (hop two posts down for that comic.) So pumped. I love working for them!

Comic for Spider Magazine!

Kid’s Menus

I had a ton of fun creating these puzzle menus for The Pequot Inn, a restaurant out on Fisher’s Island, a quiet vacation island off the coast of Connecticut and Rhode Island (but technically part of Long Island, NY! Go figure!) … Continue reading

The Pepper Caper for Highlights Mag!

Continuing my thread of pun-filled comics starring tiny, hard-boiled detectives (see: Joey Fly), I present Det. Spoon and ‘The Pepper Caper’ for Highlights Mag! 


The moment few— I mean, YOU, have been waiting for! THE ADVENTURES OF STEGOSAURUS VOLUME 2 is available today!! Gagz! Comix! Standing Thingies! What doesn’t it have?!! Order one for $6, or both Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 for $10! … Continue reading

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