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Where Have I Been All Summer? Working on THE JELLIES!

Hey All! Today THE JELLIES Season 2 was announced for Adult Swim! I don’t know why they waited until today, since I could have told everyone months ago! I’ve been working on it with a wonderful group of people over at Augenblick … Continue reading

Joke Book Covers!

The Making of a Highlights Cover!

A little peek behind the curtain here!: This is the process of making a cover illo for Highlights Puzzlemania. First, the art director, Colleen Pidel, gets in touch with an assignment. The description: “4 color scene of a soccer game: … Continue reading

This just in: MoCCA was FUN!!!!

MoCCA 2018!!!

Hey strangers! Won’t you come join me at MoCCA this weekend?! Saturday, April 7th and 8th (<– my birthday!) I’ll be selling my comix, THE ADVENTURES OF STEGOSAURUS Vol. 1, vol. 2, and JUST PUBLISHED, VOL. 3, which features the debut … Continue reading

6 by SIX!

Hi gang! Here’s a new puzzle I’ve done. It was THE MOST CHALLENGING one to create so far, so you better have fun doing it. See it BIG here! I actually created a total of TWELVE of these, so stay tuned … Continue reading

I made another poster for my FAVORITE radio show, The Best Show!

This is a retrospective of everything (well, not everything) that happened on the show this past year! See it BIG here!

Highlights Magazine Cover

Carousel for Kids! Saturday, December 2nd!

Dixon Place presents: CAROUSEL FOR KIDS! Cartoon slide shows and picture performances Hosted by R. Sikoryak & Neil Numberman. Cartoon slide shows drawn and narrated by an array of comic artists, graphic novelists, voice actors, and more. Featuring: Jef Czekaj … Continue reading

Knock Knock!

I illustrated the cover and a bunch of interiors for Highlights’ latest Knock Knock Book! Here are a few: