June Picture Puzzler: The Numberman Family

Today marks the release of the June issue of Highlights Magazine! And in it you’ll find my Picture Puzzler. Can you find one 1, two 2′s, three 3′s, four 4′s , five 5′s, six 6′s, seven 7′s, eight 8′s, and nine 9′s? See it big here!

Numberman_Family_webThere’s a lot of crazy back story to this one. First off, the editors came up with the idea of the Numberman Family independent of me and my name; but obviously once the Art Director learned of the idea, he reached out to me.

Second, this issue is the feature of a documentary about the making of a Highlights issue! Thusly, I was interviewed about the making and process behind this piece, and more generally, what it’s like to work for Highlights (It’s awesome!) I will let everyone know when that doc is released, of course.

Thirdly, I actually hid a second 1 in this piece. But it’s harder to find and only suggested at. I did it for myself and never told anyone, but an editor actually found it on her own! So, can you?

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