MoCCA 2018!!!

Hey strangers! Won’t you come join me at MoCCA this weekend?! Saturday, April 7th and 8th (<– my birthday!) I’ll be selling my comix, THE ADVENTURES OF STEGOSAURUS Vol. 1, vol. 2, and JUST PUBLISHED, VOL. 3, which features the debut of Coaster Girl, and the supervillains, The Coffee Stain, and The Dust Bunny!! 29598008_10213968003727383_7262181982160388557_n 29791165_10213968004247396_3300287926474721306_n29683586_10213968004647406_3656806205920128219_n29598229_10213968004887412_6992780067896796466_n

Also, I’ll be giving away my latest Best Show Poster, for FREE!!! The 15×24 prints look fantastic, and are perfect for framing! I will not be displaying them, but if you want one, simply use the secret password: “Toilet Car”. 29541089_10213921052513632_1677699565249823648_n

Some come say hi, buy my comix, talk Best Show, n’ more!

More MoCCA deets: Metropolitan West, 639 W 46th street between 11th and 12th Ave.  Table B 124-126. 

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