Penguin Hockey

I loved making this piece for Highlights Magazine, a somewhat unconventional “full color” illo about a very black and white world. Can you find all the black and white cookies? Click on the bottom image, or here, to see it bigger.



I am the Highlights Illustrator of the Month!

I am the Highlights Illustrator of the Month, September 2017, for my comic, “The Pepper Caper” (hop two posts down for that comic.) So pumped. I love working for them!award

Comic for Spider Magazine!

21690517_1995305177356581_5670160882957549568_n Science_Fair_for_web

Kid’s Menus

I had a ton of fun creating these puzzle menus for The Pequot Inn, a restaurant out on Fisher’s Island, a quiet vacation island off the coast of Connecticut and Rhode Island (but technically part of Long Island, NY! Go figure!)

The managers were looking for a couple menus that could entertain their younger clientele, especially since throughout the summer families tend to visit quite often. It’s one of the only restaurants on the island! We also added a ton of Fisher’s Island references that the kids would enjoy catching, including their popular Osprey Nests!

Can YOU solve all of these puzzles? See both of them big here, or click the images!PequotMenu_A_v2 PequotMenu_B_v2


The Pepper Caper for Highlights Mag!

Continuing my thread of pun-filled comics starring tiny, hard-boiled detectives (see: Joey Fly), I present Det. Spoon and ‘The Pepper Caper’ for Highlights Mag



The moment few— I mean, YOU, have been waiting for! THE ADVENTURES OF STEGOSAURUS VOLUME 2 is available today!! Gagz! Comix! Standing Thingies! What doesn’t it have?!!

Order one for $6, or both Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 for $10! (Or any 2 for $10! Or 3 for $15! It keeps going!) +s&h AND I will sign a personalized autograph in each copy! (If you want. You might not.)

Email to order your copies! I accept checks and Venmo!


How Do Little Buggies Celebrate Mother’s Day?


Look at this “article” I illustrated full of “facts”!

This one’s for Men’s Health and an “article” for Varidesk.

Untitled-1Untitled-3 Untitled-2

Valentine’s Day Decoder!!

A piece for this month’s Highlights Magazine! Can you solve the puzzle???! See it big here. in_mag V-Day_Code_v2


My First ‘My First Hidden Pictures’ Cover!!!

Hopscotch illo for Highlights’ ‘My First Hidden Picture Book’ series! I love making illustrations for a younger audience every once in awhile— this one’s for about 3-6 year olds. I get to use simpler shapes and pastel colors, (gotta love those pastel colors!)  So, can you find the Bird? What about the Shoe, Bell, Lollipop, Mug, Golf Club, Toothbrush, and Paintbrush. See it big here. Have fun!!!Hopscotch_Cover_v1