‘Where’s Gordo’ Poster for the L.A. Galaxy!

8.27_VAN_Match-Poster_20x24I did this ‘Where’s Waldo’ style poster for the L.A. Galaxy. See it big here, and hunt for the man himself.

I happen to be a HUGE ‘Where’s Waldo’ fan and Martin Handford is one of the great overlooked children’s artists of our time and ‘The Great Waldo Search’ is a true masterpiece and full of allusions of the history of Europe and— well, that’s enough. But I also have a Waldo shrine above my desk.shrine

So I was thrilled to get the call on this one.

Anyway, you can buy the poster here! All proceeds go to LA Galaxy Foundation. And here’s MLS’s article about it. Bye fer now!

Pasta Puzzler

This was one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever done for Highlights Magazine. I love logic puzzles (many plane rides have been mitigated by them!), and was excited to do a piece that might introduce them to a younger audience.

PastaPuzzler_deskThe art director asked for a small town with four store fronts, where pasta is hidden among the people and architecture. I immediately thought of a very European-style plaza— say, Italy! (duh, pasta.) So I got to do a piece that focussed a lot on mood and architecture as well, and break away from the Americana I often find myself doing.

And thus, this piece was created, and I’m thrilled with the results! Can you solve the Pasta Puzzle??

See it big here.

Happy Fourth!


Flip & Fin: Super Sharks to the Rescue!

On sale just in time for Summer (AND SHARK WEEK!) Get it here!FF2_COVER

June Picture Puzzler: The Numberman Family

Today marks the release of the June issue of Highlights Magazine! And in it you’ll find my Picture Puzzler. Can you find one 1, two 2′s, three 3′s, four 4′s , five 5′s, six 6′s, seven 7′s, eight 8′s, and nine 9′s? See it big here!

Numberman_Family_webThere’s a lot of crazy back story to this one. First off, the editors came up with the idea of the Numberman Family independent of me and my name; but obviously once the Art Director learned of the idea, he reached out to me.

Second, this issue is the feature of a documentary about the making of a Highlights issue! Thusly, I was interviewed about the making and process behind this piece, and more generally, what it’s like to work for Highlights (It’s awesome!) I will let everyone know when that doc is released, of course.

Thirdly, I actually hid a second 1 in this piece. But it’s harder to find and only suggested at. I did it for myself and never told anyone, but an editor actually found it on her own! So, can you?

Bathroom Birds

My wife and I redid our bathroom, and wanted to go with a “reclaimed” look — we had to do something to distract ourselves from how small the damn space is. I thought a few simple bird watercolors in some old wooden frames would make great accents.


IMG_7137  IMG_7139I chose birds native to Brooklyn. The Eastern Bluebird, the Gray Catbird, and my personal favorite, the Cardinal!

LAUGH ATTACK! at your local Bookstores!

laugh_attack_BOOKSTOREI actually didn’t even know it was coming out this soon and just happened upon it during my weekly perusal of my local book shoppe. On April Fool’s Day no less! So, get it now!

Rube Goldberg Machine!

Who among us didn’t pore over Rube Goldberg‘s illustrations as a kid? Here’s one I just did for the Highlights Mag!rube_site1Fun Fact: Rube Goldberg is the only full name to be in the English Language Dictionary. I once met his granddaughter, and told her that fact. She already knew.

The Bird Bath (Find the Double L’s!)

Here’s a fun game from the March 2016 issue of Highlights MagBird Bath!

Happy Valentine’s Day (soon)

Too early? Eh. Here’s an illo I did for Highlights again. I was wracking my brain trying to think of a pink animal that could have a V-Day dance, and ultimately my wife came up with Flamingos (not sure why I didn’t just Google “pink animals” because that’s pretty much the first hit. Laziness?)

Flamingos are already a clumsy animal to draw, not to mention while dancing. So that was challenging. But all of their weird angles left a lot of great opportunities for creative hiding spaces. Enjoy!vday_flamingo_WEB