Merry Christmas!!!

Here’s a piece I did for Friend Magazine! Can you find all of the Ribbons? What about all of the Stars?? See it big here. Good luck!


Spider Monkeys Hidden Picture for Highlights Mag!!

Can you find everything??? Click here to see it big.webspidermonkeys


7th Annual Carousel for Kids!!

I can’t believe it’s year seven of Carousel for Kids at the bee-yutiful Dixon Place! We had another great crowd out for this, and all the kids participated by giving us Superhero Drawings throughout the show! Here are some pics, thanks to Kevin Maher!

15027556_10153778778306792_4397706322962020259_n 15027773_10153778776346792_1365246915246701512_n 15037232_10153778775111792_1047460117200536825_n15032654_10153778772981792_1395259846488076029_n 15078703_10153778772766792_2189578490982915486_n

How to Dress for Halloween

Hi Friends! Here’s hoping you fashion yourself a model Halloween!happy_halloween_2016

Happy Halloween!!!

Here’s a recent cover I did for Highlights Mag, along with some interior pieces. Can you find the Needle on the cover, the Spatula in the Monster News piece, or the Ice Cream Sandwich in the Monster Olympics piece?img_1105 img_1106  img_1108


Welcome to the world Noelle!

9/25/16, 7:37am. 7 lbs, 2 oz. Everyone’s doin’ great!img_0904

‘Where’s Gordo’ Poster for the L.A. Galaxy!

8.27_VAN_Match-Poster_20x24I did this ‘Where’s Waldo’ style poster for the L.A. Galaxy. See it big here, and hunt for the man himself.

I happen to be a HUGE ‘Where’s Waldo’ fan and Martin Handford is one of the great overlooked children’s artists of our time and ‘The Great Waldo Search’ is a true masterpiece and full of allusions of the history of Europe and— well, that’s enough. But I also have a Waldo shrine above my desk.shrine

So I was thrilled to get the call on this one.

Anyway, you can buy the poster here! All proceeds go to LA Galaxy Foundation. And here’s MLS’s article about it. Bye fer now!

Pasta Puzzler

This was one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever done for Highlights Magazine. I love logic puzzles (many plane rides have been mitigated by them!), and was excited to do a piece that might introduce them to a younger audience.

PastaPuzzler_deskThe art director asked for a small town with four store fronts, where pasta is hidden among the people and architecture. I immediately thought of a very European-style plaza— say, Italy! (duh, pasta.) So I got to do a piece that focussed a lot on mood and architecture as well, and break away from the Americana I often find myself doing.

And thus, this piece was created, and I’m thrilled with the results! Can you solve the Pasta Puzzle??

See it big here.

Happy Fourth!


Flip & Fin: Super Sharks to the Rescue!

On sale just in time for Summer (AND SHARK WEEK!) Get it here!FF2_COVER