The Best Show Box Set on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Look, my art’s on the TV!10641227_10152791609191960_3565859637554428914_n

Watch the whole episode here, or the segment with Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster here (so good!) and buy the box set here!

Highlights Hidden Picture Time Lapse!

Hi folks! I made a Time Lapse of the making of a Highlights Hidden Picture. Enjoy!

Pictures from Carousel for Kids at MoCCA!

Here are pictures from our Carousel for Kids at MoCCA! The Troubleshooter and The Number Man strike again!


Pictured here: Standing- Jon Chad, Kevin McCloskey, The Number Man, The Troubleshooter, Sam Henderson, and Raina Telgemeier. Seated- Nadja Spiegelman and Sergio Sanchez Garcia.CCaa-kWW4AAVT5Q

My Copies of The Best Show Box Set have arrived!

Just as a reminder, I was asked to do the cover for the Scharpling & Wurster Box Set by the folks over at Numero Group. Well today my copies arrived!1 2

This thing is massive and beautifully put together. You’ll also see I did the interior lining and the Sgt. Pepper’s style image key.

3 4Here’s an article about the project on Pitchfork, and LA Mag, and Brooklyn Vegan, and Allmusic.

Stegosaurus Vol. 1 is HERE!

Volume 1 of THE ADVENTURES OF STEGOSAURUS has arrived!!! Get it at MoCCA this weekend or just shoot me an email if you want one. 36 pages. $6 plus shipping.11133779_10205252431083514_7230464181544496950_n 11150158_10205252450443998_6309262812927344926_n

Carousel for Kids! coming to MoCCA!

For the second year now MoCCA has asked R. Sikoryak and myself to host our Carousel for Kids show! $5 will get you the show and ALL of MoCCA!! (for one day) Check out the flawless line-up below! Carousel_Mocca_15


Bees n’ Bullfrogs

Here are a couple more Highlights Hidden Pictures! These ones were a little more exciting for me because I came up with the ideas for them! Click on the art to make it bigger.bees_FB BULLFROGS_FB_v1

Birds n’ Penguins for Highlights Mag!

Here are a few more Hidden Pictures for Highlights! Sadly, they did not keep my “Canary 21″ joke in there, so here that is, too. Click the art to make it bigger.Birds_FB


Kittens and Puppies for Highlights!

Last year I asked a bunch of my social media followers to submit pictures of their cats and dawgs so that they could appear in a real Highlights Hidden Picture! I got a great response, and almost every animal you see below is a real-life cat or dog. I’ve also attached a few of the submitted photos. Can you find them in the illustrations?? Click the art to make it bigger.CATS DOGS 225310_2057538644648_1116471_n ycjtGR-a.jpg-small 64182_630534696637_1947158045_n


Carousel for Kids! was… A BLAST!

This past Saturday’s Carousel for Kids! was one for the ages. I’ll be putting the comic I performed up here soon. Until then, enjoy these pics!

Getting ready for the show (don’t look TOO excited!):1

The hosts— TroubleShooter and NumberMan— welcome the audience. 2

They…somehow… fight crime…3

NumberMan begins the reading of his latest comic from The Adventures of Stegosaurus!4

NumberMan with FOUR other Highlights Mag contributors! Now this is an after party! NumberMan and his friends!