Watch my Time Lapse Video on Making a Children’s Book Cover!

And order the book, Flip & Fin, here!

Highlights Draw With a Purpose Workshop

Our HQ for the weekend

Highlights- perhaps the greatest company on Earth- brought a bunch of their artists out for a retreat in their rural cabins in the Pennsylvania woods, all expenses paid this past weekend. This was my second time out there. Art Directors and Editors looking at our work, a workshop on hiding pictures, amazing food, live music, booze everywhere, skunks, snakes (saw ‘em both!), hiking, and just great people. I can’t put into words how amazing the weekend was, so I’ll let MAD Magazine and Highlights contributor Rich Powell do it.

More Highlights Pieces!

1_Flea_v1 Hi folks! Here’s some of my latest Highlights pieces! Click on the images to see more.

You can find these in the Highlights Eagle-Eye Hidden Picture series, a series for advanced hidden picture seekers. These three pieces were black and white commissions, and there are also STICKERS!!! I’ve done a lot more of these that will be coming out over the next year, so subscribe NOW! 



BIK app gets rave reviews!

Bik Logo!Hey now! My friend Michael Pinto and I made a video game called BIK! It’s featured in the Best New Games section in the Apple Store all week and is available on many other platforms. It’s also been getting stellar reviews!: “So much Character!” “Best ‘classic’ adventure game I’ve played on ios.” “My all time favorite app ever!!!!”

It’s a classic-style point and click game in the tradition of games like Maniac Mansion and King’s Quest. Download it here! And check out the trailer below. More info here. Thanks all! –NN

Flip from Flip & Fin came to Books of Wonder!

We had a great appearance this weekend at Books of Wonder! Flip–as promised– showed up to listen to corny fish-related jokes, play Pictionary, and sign books. Here’s some pics!10552660_10203557400548810_5759022831218515038_n 10628425_10203557393548635_5866392032185972338_n  10610819_10203557391108574_966469666743670746_n


Books of Wonder Event for Flip & Fin! This Saturday!

1_ugh untitledHey folks! This Saturday (August 23rd) I’ll be at Books of Wonder with Dan Yaccarino, Edward Hemingway, and Margie Palatini. And a very special appearance from FLIP THE SANDSHARK! And SHARK PICTIONARY! And JOKES! 1-3pm.
The first four people who come out will get a message in a bottle from author Timothy Gill! (who is unfortunately stranded at sea). Just say, “Hey! I saw this on, and I’d like my message in an olde timey bottle from author Timothy Gill, who is sadly stranded at sea! Can I have it?! Can I?!” Verbatim please.
So come on out and join us! Event info!

A four-pager for Competitor Magazine

Hey now! I worked on four spreads for Competitor’s latest issue. Here are three of ‘em.  It’s an article about Runner’s Habits. I identify with the chafer on the third spread, fyi. –NN pg1 pg2 pg3


WATCH Carousel for Kids!!

Have you been wondering what the heck Carousel for Kids is? Well, guess who hasn’t. EVERYONE WHO’S ATTENDED. But– and this is an exclusive offer (no it isn’t)– here is the complete video of Carousel for Kids at MoCCA this year! Watch R. Sikoryak and his clever take on Tom Sawyer and his Live Drawing! See James Kolchalka and his Nickelodeon comics of yesteryear. Behold Trade Loeffler’s fantastic tale of onomatopoeias! And Absorb my reading of the latest chapter in THE ADVENTURES OF STEGOSAURUS!

It was standing room only over in the weirdest room I’ve ever performed in (well, not as weird as the room I performed in at Rubulad, actually.) And, as an added bonus– now this is crazy– here is the entire comic that I performed, right here! STEGOSAURUS vs. HANGNAIL!!



I illustrated an entire Children’s Book in FIFTEEN DAYS

And boy are my arms tired. No, seriously, my arms are really tired. Caring_BookSo this was a monumental task. Johnson & Johnson hired me to illustrate a children’s book written by elementary student Rene and “children’s author” Patricia Larkin. Then the book was printed professionally, and presented to him and his parents. There were other artists too making other books, I guess. Watch the Video here! Get your pancakes out, because there’s a ton of sap! See my book come in around the 1:50 mark.

Anyway, it was very rewarding. To download the book, among others, go here. For every book that’s downloaded, they’ll print an actual copy and donate it to a school library so others can be inspired to care. Or so their website says. So download it!– Neil Numberman!JJ_pg24


My HIGHLIGHTS pieces thus far. Enjoy!

BEAVER_LAYOUT_web1Hi all! Check out some of my Highlights pieces. I’m working on more every week, so I’ll post ‘em as they print ‘em! –NN