Carousel for Kids! at MoCCA!!!


Hi folks! Won’t you join me and some other great artists for Carousel for Kids at the world-renowned MoCCA Fest this Saturday?? I’ll be reading my latest story that no eyes have yet beholden (perfect grammar!) Come say hello! –NN

Introducing the iHome!

iHome_top_webHi Folks!  Here’s a comic I did for last year’s Carousel for Kids.  It was a four part commercial interspersed throughout the show!  Here you go!: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.  Enjoy!  (Apple, if you’re interested, call me.)


Flip & Fin, Sand Shark Twins!

FF1_cover_websiteGreetings!  My latest picture book is now available for pre-order!  It’s called Flip & Fin: We Rule the School! and it’s about Sand Shark twins that tell a lot of jokes.  And here’s the first review from Kirkus Reviews (and hey, it’s positive!)

It’s official release date is April 22nd, but here’s where you can pre-order!

The Crowd Went Wild!

The Adventures of Winston and Sassafras!

Here’s a little Facebook Album I put together for our two pets, Winston and Sassafras. Enjoy!

Sass_n_Winston_v1 018

Meet Max Mosca, Brazil’s new “Detetive Particular!”

MM_00_coverTranslated from Google: “This is a tale of mystery comic with great humor! In a town entirely inhabited by insects, Max Fly is a private detective who fights crime. Max enlists the help of his assistant Sting, a young and clumsy scorpion. The duo is hired by beautiful butterfly Delilah to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his kit diamonds. Delilah accuses the ladybug Glory, one of your best friends, but Max Fly and your partner have other suspicions …” Whaat?! See more of Max Mosca here!

My Final Competitor Piece!

BINGHAM_DEC13_WEBYou heard right! Sadly, after four years and four editors, this is my last piece for Competitor Magazine. They’ve moved on to greener pastures (cough, stock photos, cough).

John Bingham is turning 65 this December, but is feeling better than ever. Once again, I’d link to the article but there is no online presence for this one. Must be a print only type a’ thang. Bye Competitor, thanks for the werk!

Happy Thanksgivin’!

Thanksgiving Walk

Here’s a piece I did for Competitor Magazine. World-renowned author and The Man Who Ruined Running John Bingham writes about the whole family staying healthy on this very gluttonous holiday. I’d put a link up, but Competitor is taking their sweet time getting this article out (what’s the rush, Thanksgiving’s only TOMORROW.) I hope you all have a fine mixture of both health and gluttony! I know I will!

Jason Sims Puts Me In My Place

Jason Sims Puts You In Your PlacePodcaster Jason Sims had me on his show! Listen as I recount the time I met Jimmy McMillan (here’s photographic evidence!), and as we remember Nicole Kidman’s The Others fondly. Jason Sims Puts You In Your Place is a podcast that explores how the places an artist lives and has lived can affect their work. Hear about the places I’ve lived!

Best Show Magazine

Samir_jury_sm BEST_SHOW_KISS_web Mag_pic_smHere are a couple pieces I did for The Best Show Magazine, which was put together by Tom Scharpling as a premium for listeners of The Best Show on WFMU!

Sadly, last week Tom announced the Best Show is ending this December, after thirteen great years. His show was an amazing inspiration and I’ll miss it dearly. Check out the archives here.

Carousel for Kids was a huge SUCCESS!!! Thanks Everyone!

Kids_on_stage This past weekend’s Carousel for Kids was a total blast!! We had Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman and Ron Barrett read from their Superhero Joe comic series, while dressing up kids as Superhero Joe. Nadja Spiegelman and Trade Loeffler read from their Zig and Wikki series, who’s latest adventure involves cow poop! Sam Henderson had kids (and me) popping bubble wrap. R. Sikoryak did a live drawing (watch the vid here!) and read from his latest Tom Sawyer/Family Circus melding (hilarious!). And I read my latest comic, which I will debut here on the site soon! Anyway, thanks to all the kids and parents who made their way out. ‘Til next November!